Twix bars were originally known as Raider before the year 1991. –

Twix bars were originally known as Raider before the year 1991. –

Twix (History, Marketing, Pictures & Commercials)

August 20, 2021 by Jason Kane

Twix is a cookie (or biscuit for some) that consists of a shortbread-like substance covered with ingredients like chocolate and caramel. Made using ingredients such as Enriched Wheat Flour, this candy bar is very chocolaty, crunchy, and just begs for a drink when eaten. Twix was first produced in the United Kingdom under the name Raider before its name was changed to Twix after its introduction to the United States. Twix comes in an aluminum-like wrapper and usually comes with 2 or 4 stick-like or cylindrical-shaped cookies (biscuits) per package.

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The classic Twix has a flat bottom and a ridged top-side, with chocolate coating the cookies and often caramel, peanut butter, and other confections inside that are surrounding the bread-like interior of the candy bar. It is not the most popular candy bar in the world but has fought hard with multiple new flavors and styles to become and remain a popular confection with many fans worldwide.


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