Iceland Does Not Have A Public Railway System.

Post First Published: May 8 2022 2:36 PM Post First Updated: September 30 2022 5:01 PM

Iceland, amongst a handful of other countries, does not have a public railway system.

Iceland does not have a public railway system. There have been three small railways, but none became part of the public transport in Iceland. The main reasons for the lack of railways are the small population, competition with automobile traffic, and the harsh environment.

A proposal for a railway in Iceland was first made in the early 1900s, involving a line between Reykjavík and Selfoss, but it didn’t proceed. In the 2000s, there were new proposals for both a light railway system in the Capital Region and an airport rail link to Keflavík.

From World Atlas:


Although there have been three railway networks in Iceland, the country has never had a public railway network. Iceland has no public railway network, and this is because of stiff competition from the automobile traffic, a small population, and harsh environmental conditions. There have been abandoned proposals for a railway network since the early 1900s. New plans were introduced in the 2000s to construct a railway in the capital city.

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