In Iceland, up until 1987 there was no television at all on Thursdays.

Published: 31/12/2021 – Updated: 14/08/2022

It was not an actual ban, per se. But the states television company which had monopoly until 1986, decided not to broadcast on Thursdays until they got competition in 1986.

Until 1966 Icelanders had no Icelandic TV, up to that point, they only had access to the American tv that was broadcast on the American base.

Until 1983, there was no television in July and until 1. October 1987, there was no television on Thursdays.

Iceland’s state TV only commenced in 1966, and until 1981 there was no tv during July and until 1986 no tv on Thursdays. Nowadays the tv schedules cover 365 days a year.

Why? Probably due to the fact that the state felt uncomfortable in adopting tv at all in the 1960s. It was only the fact that the Icelanders had fallen in love with the American Forces tv broadcast out of Keflavik AFB, that prompted the state tv to be set up at all. The sort of Nordic mindset that saunas and cold pools are good for you probably evolved into the opinion that you could do without tv once a week!

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