Jack Daniels Employees Get A Free Bottle On The First Payday Of Each Month.

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Jack Daniels Has Released An Apple-Flavoured Whiskey https://bit.ly/3CohGiE

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Jack Daniels Has Released An Apple-Flavoured Whiskey – Published 11 March 2020

Jack Apple and tonic?

Interview with Jeff Norman, Master Taster for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

21 Friday September 2012

We recently had the opportunity to interview Jeff Norman, Master Taster at Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee — he’s one of the few individuals at the Jack Daniel Distillery with the responsibility for ensuring that every drop of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is up to the same standards that Mr. Jack himself held when he first began making his whiskey in the mid 1800s.

Jeff may have had a leg up on securing this enviable position, his parents collectively dedicated more than 70 years of service making Jack Daniels whiskey before retiring, Jeff’s father, who also appeared in several Jack Daniel’s print advertisements, also include taster on his list of duties.

After receiving his Ph.D. in environmental chemistry in 2003, Norman returned to Lynchburg and started working at the distillery as a still man.  Norman has also kept watch over the grains and cave spring water through the fermentation process before more recently being made a quality control specialist. He now spends his days on the master tasting panel, selecting the whiskey that will become Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel and taste testing the whiskey before it’s bottled.

“My main objective in tasting the whiskey is to ensure that it meets our taste profile criteria and that we maintain the consistency that our consumers expect,” Norman said.  “If the taste was to change under my watch, I’d have a few million people the world over to answer to.”

We sourced our questions from Total Wine & More team members from across the country, let’s see what they had to ask!

Is it true that all Jack Daniel’s employees get a free bottle with every paycheck?
Paul, from Tustin, California

JN: You’re close. The employees get a free bottle every month.  No one misses that day of work!

Aside from the charcoal-mellowing process, what sets Tennessee whiskey apart from bourbon?
Patrick, from Bellevue, Washington

JN: While bourbons and Tennessee whiskey share some similarities, the biggest differences are the charcoal mellowing process (which you mentioned) and our pure, pristine cave water.  We make our own sugar maple charcoal and allow our newly distilled spirit to trickle through ten feet of it.  This process smooths and polishes the spirit before going into the white oak barrels for maturation.  Even before the mellowing process, our uniqueness rises from the cave spring water we use to make Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey.  It’s the same source of water Mr. Jack found and used many decades ago.

How do you describe the characteristics/flavor profile of Jack Daniels to consumers?
Eric Yetman, from Potomac, Maryland

JN: Jack Daniel’s whiskey possess aromas and flavors consisting of caramel, vanilla, butterscotch and oak.  We use our own hand-crafted, white oak barrels that have been toasted and charred on the inside.  This toasting and charring process caramelizes sugars naturally found in white oak trees and releases warm, rich flavors, colors and aromas from the oak.  (Think about toasting a marshmallow over a camp fire or toasting a thick slice of artisan bread and you get an idea of the process that produces our flavors, aromas, and colors.)

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